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M.A. Rizk

With an outstanding background in hockey, both as a player and a coach for 25 years, and also a teacher for the International School of Listen To Your Body, Marc-André Rizk brings both his passion and his expertise to help you become disciplined while increasing your sense of freedom to finally accomplish the goals you set your mind to.

After a hockey career where I played in the major junior and Canadian university ranks, I have been a coach and a speaker, my new passion, since 2010. Through my conferences and my coaching, I first worked with hockey players at the amateur and pro levels to help them be disciplined so they could perform at their best. Today, I help people in different fields to understand and develop what I call true discipline so they finally live a full life, in line and according to their goals.


A graduate of the John Molson School of Business in Business Administration, I completed a counselling certification with the international school of Listen To Your Body.

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